mlsplogo MLSP2015
IEEE International Workshop on
Machine Learning for Signal Processing

September 17-20, 2015  Boston, USA

SigPort - Signal Processing Repository


MLSP2015 has made a special deal with the IEEE SigPort Team! You can now use your IEEE login credentials to access the prototype system at or

Not sure what SigPort is?

Signal Processing Repository (SigPort) is an online repository of manuscripts, reports, theses, technical white papers, and supporting materials. As an initiative created and supported by the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS), SigPort collects technical material of interests to the broad signal processing community. It hosts material to help individuals obtain early and broad exposure on their work.

Learn how SigPort can uniquely archive and promote your work in these videos:
SigPort Introduction
SigPort Tutorial

What is for MLSP authors?

SigPort has a customized "event tag" for the documents related to MLSP. When you upload a document through the submission page, you can choose the event - "Draft/Pre-print/Presentation of MLSP 2015". SigPort will then add a special tag ("MLSP2015") to this document.

SigPort provides MLSP authors free upload through the coupon code: mlsp52348. Please be aware that the expiration date of this coupon code is August 31, 2015.

The Editorial Committee of SigPort and the Technical Chairs of MLSP will work together to selected highlighted documents from MLSP draft/pre-prints. The highlighted documents will be featured on SigPort website, and promoted through various channels such as Insides Signal Processing eNewsletters.

Sigport will host drafts, pre-prints, copies of their presentation slides or posters, and supplemental materials for MLSP2015. Sigport will not host the final presented papers. After the conference proceedings becomes available at IEEE Xplore, authors are suggested to modify the abstract of their documents on Sigport, by adding Digital Object Identifiers of the formal publication and a link to the formal publications in IEEE Xplore.

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